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I don't know what this is

but I want it:

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals


on the downside

My feet have been bad lately. I'm starting to consider the steroid shots.


School starts on Wednesday, and I'm excited! I'm taking human anatomy and physiology and lab. I think I'll do well in these classes.

I love school. I wish I had loved it so much the first time around. And I hope this doesn't have to be my last semester.


There are a few other sites I visit that have message boards and goodness, they seem so backwards. You cannot reply directly to other people, and in some cases there isn't even an edit button! It is maddening!
Happy b-day MsKitty!
I did my yearly calendar shopping today. I picked up a full size calendar with folk art (a new theme for me) and a desk top, page a day type calendar of cupcakes.


Dec. 26th, 2008

I finally got around to watching the latest Mummy movie. If you haven't seen it yet, you aren't missing much. The guy they got to play Rick and Evy's son was much too old. It was impossible to believe he was their kid. Maria Bello took over the role of Evy and I just don't think she really had any of the spark that Rachel Weisz did and she certainly is not as beautiful. The story wasn't as engaging and the action sequences were the same old same old. Humor was missing--there weren't any lines you wanted to quote afterwards. Bland and forgettable.


I got my workout DVDs from Amazon today, but I can't try them out because for some reason, my left knee is hurting me. I really need to give it a rest.

I'm on call tonight too--BOO.


cake at work